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About Kelly Zielinski

My passion is helping people achieve their dreams. I have spent the last 15 years of my life working to achieve just that. Through real estate or health and wellness, I have worked to create a better tomorrow for you and your community.

As a native Michigander, I graduated from MSU with a bachelor’s in Business Pre-Law. I worked in real estate for four years down in the Sunshine state before working my way back north. As I launched my real estate career, my time in Tampa centered around first-time home buyers and investors. I also spent much of my time managing hundreds of investment properties to both seasonal and traditional renters.

Much of my time between Florida and Saginaw was focused on supporting individuals’ health journeys by guiding them to the healthiest versions of themselves. Coaching clients on nutrition, balanced lifestyles, and dedicating my time to a local public charity has been a deep passion.

When not dedicating myself to the public, I am spending my time engulfed in the innocence of my two young children and my rock, Josh. We reside south of Saginaw and enjoy as much time as we can in mud puddles and embracing nature. We believe in community and strive to be an integral part of our communities.

My goals are strong and clear. They continue to be on YOU! Being part of the major decisions in your life, guiding you through the trenches and celebrating with you as you achieve your dreams is the ultimate reward for me. There are moments in life you remember forever. You never forget your first home. You never forget your forever home. I look forward to forging that path with you and rejoicing as you launch into your Happily Ever After!

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